The peaceful Lodge

Our Dinning Place

Capacity: 20 Guests
Opening Hours: 06:00am – 09:30pm

Congratulation! You are arriving at Mekong Delta Ricefield Lodge - in the middle of nowhere. Now you are the only tourist of the area because the tourism border line is 12km far from my place. Thus, not many restaurants around here for your lunch or dinner but don’t worry about it. We have our own restaurant with the young Vietnamese excellent cook who has passion at cooking. 
She is cooking with her pleasure in Vietnamese style foods with an excellent quality. Everyday she goes to the local market and select everything fresh! She is also try to use what we have freshly in the farm like okras, eggplants, banana flower, mango, lemongrass, herbs… for cooking many kind of good meals. You can decide the day before which direction you want to have…pork, beef, chicken, fish or vegetarian,... and my cook is ready to cook for you!

Our Amazing Swimming Pool

info will coming soon!

Make friend with animals

At Mekong Delta Ricefield Lodge, our animal team always welcome guests and be ready to be your friend. We believe that if we treat nicely with animals, they will be good friends with us.

Special Offer

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Discover 1000 trees
Mekong Delta Ricefield Farm is opposite to the lodge with variety colors & fragrant of tropical fruits & plants in 1.1ha land. Let's discover the farm to enjoy the fresh air with full scent of trees, grasses, fruits or event soil
High Speed Boat Tour
When the sun rises, people in Mekong Delta start their new days and my high-speed boat is also ready for taking off. Today, I will drive my guests to a “Catch the Sunrise” Tour to discover the authentic beauty of river-side life style.
Bicycling in the middle of nowhere
On the spinning wheels around small villages, you will not meet any other tourists. Because now you are in the middle of nowhere
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