Bicycling in the middle of nowhere

In the small roads next to Vam Bi river, local people still keep their pace of living authentically. Along with the roads you will go, houses by houses, gardens by gardens, trees by trees, they are continuous with a beautiful view in front of you.

Many small bridges across the river are waiting to challenge your riding talent. With bicycling, you can go to very small corners, slowly enjoy the nature and simple life deep in Mekong Delta. You may sometimes get lost, may sometimes stop at a sugar cane juice shop or a hammock coffee shop, take a drink & try to communicate with people even different language. Finally you will see it makes your trip memorable.

We have some free using bicycle available at the lodge, but please let us know in advance and we can arrange them for your bicycling trip.
Just book the room at Stiermann’s Ricefield Lodge, come with us and discover a very unique part of Mekong Delta Region ‘s life

Photo: A peaceful riding in the afternoon of Mekong Delta

Photo: I like my baby chair

Photo: Riding to the local pagoda - Đinh Than Truong Long

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