High Speed Boat Tour


Cái Răng & Phong Điền Floating Market Tour

  • See the sun rise on the river & local people life in the morning.
  • Visit Phong Dien floating market – a local floating market of Phong Dien town, have a cup of morning coffee
  • Visit Cai Rang floating market – the biggest floating market in Mekong Delta, have pineapple with chili salt
  • Enjoy the spectacular atmosphere at the skyline Can Tho, on the big river
  • Make rice noodle yourself & enjoy a very special & delicious breakfast from rice noodle
  • Explore a very nice jungle fruit garden with many different kinds of trees.

Great journey on Mekong Delta 's canals!

When the sun rises, people in Mekong Delta start their new days and my high-speed boat is also ready for taking off. Today, I will drive my guests to a “Catch the Sunrise” Tour to discover the authentic beauty of river-side life style. 
Your day start in the early morning when Mekong Delta have just waken up. After having early coffee & tea at the Lodge, we start the boat at 5:30 AM. 
On the way to Phong Dien Floating Market, we will drive slowly in small canal where my neighbors in the village living. Some children already wake up & prepare for schooling, they even smile & say hello to you from far distance. People go to small bridge next to the river to wash hand, brush their teeth, wash clothes… Some smog fly up from the river, the sunlight sting through blur layer of smoke & mist in the morning make everything in front of you look like a scene in the movie. We pass through a local pagoda where a vegetable boat usually park near by, the husband & wife is preparing for taking off & going to sell their groceries. 

Photo: Chasing to the sun rise in the morning
At Phong Dien Floating Market, a local floating market where many wooden boats’ ladies meet & exchange what they have on their boat, then they leave to small canals to sell for people. We will have a cup of coffee or tea here, buy some fruits and enjoy the busy activities at the floating market. The beauty in front of us that moment such as the lady with sympathetic smile & conical hat on the water melon boat, the lovely coffee woman with her funny talking, the rice noodle soup seller with big hot pot on the boat… will become your unforgettable memory.

Photo: Sun rise in the Phong Dien Local Floating Market
Heading to Cai Rang Floating Market, you will pass by the historical Xa No canal with some interesting stories. At the biggest Floating Market of Mekong Delta – Cai Rang, we will see dynamic atmosphere of trading on the boats. Those are old wooden boats with full of fruits or vegetable for selling, the owners even live inside the boats, like mobile houses. We stop at a pineapple boat & enjoy a piece of tasty pineapple with chili salt. From that boat you can take some nice photos of the whole floating market. Many of small boats with variety of fruits may run beside us and you can buy some if you want. 

Photo: Enjoy pineapple at Cai Rang Floating Market
Now we go to Can Tho skyline & it’s time turn up the power of a real speed boat. We are almost flying in the water with speed of over 70km/h, especially when we meet the big waves from other boats. We can see the center of Can Tho with the market, the walking bridge, the main center building from the river. When we arrive in the middle of Hau river and look to Can Tho bridge, I always expect my guests can enjoy the fresh & peaceful moments here.

Photo: Can Tho bridge from Hau River
On the way back, we will visit a rice noodle factory to see how people make the rice noodle and enjoy a really creative & special dish from their products. 

Photo: Rice Paper are being dried under the sun

If you are lucky, the tide of water is not so low then we can continue our trip to a very nice tropical fruit garden. The small jungle canals leading to the garden is my favourite routine with nice trees along the river. Many of tropical fruits tree are planted in the garden. The friendly lady there may offer you some fresh coconuts or some kinds of snacks. Just go around the garden, then order a coconut, lay back on a hammock and relax before we come back to the lodge.

Photo: Daddy, this pineapple is so big!!!

The boat tour may take 4-5 hours (depending on the weather, the tide and the current circumstances). This is the most special & unique boat tour operated by a German in Mekong Delta, ONLY for the Guests of Stiermann’s Ricefield Lodge. Don’t skip it, just book the room here and we will make plan for your boat tour, together. We are waiting for you!


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