Cái Răng & Phong Điền Floating Market

Floating Market is one of the iconic for Mekong Delta culture. Unlike some of tourism floating markets only for travellers in other countries, Mekong Delta 's floating markets represent for the life in the river network. Everyday they go to the market by boats, exchange the goods, buy the things and come back for a new journey in small canals. Cai Rang and Phong Dien Floating market is the two famous ones in Can Tho. While Cai Rang floating market attract people by its size & convenient position, Phong Dien floating market attract by its modest & authentic style. Both of the floating markets is included in the BOAT TOUR of Mekong Delta Ricefield Lodge. See more information about the boattour here.

Cycling in the middle of nowhere

Spinning Wheels in small roads of Mekong Delta

 In the small roads next to Vam Bi river, local people still keep their pace of living authentically. Along with the roads you will go, houses by houses, gardens by gardens, trees by trees, they are continuous with a beautiful view in front of you.

Many small bridges across the river are waiting to challenge your riding talent. With bicycling, you can go to very small corners, slowly enjoy the nature and simple life deep in Mekong Delta. You may sometimes get lost, may sometimes stop at a sugar cane juice shop or a hammock coffee shop, take a drink & try to communicate with people even different language. Finally you will see it makes your trip memorable.



Teaching Swimming for local children 

to feel the joy not only to take but also to give...

During the time of low season or Covid-19, we organize a swimming class to teach children in the village for free. Our biggest happiness is when some kids now can swim well and know how to keep themselve safe in the "river's life"

Making Traditional Ricenoodle

Let's find out where your breakfast come from?

In our boat tour, we will have a chance to visit a rice noodle factory to see how people make the rice noodle and enjoy a really creative & special dish from their products. 

Guest Review about Mekong Delta Ricefield Lodge


Sophia K from Germany

5/5 on Google

We stayed with Martin at the Ricefield Lodge for 4 days. Overall, we had an unforgettable stay. The lodge is in the middle of the pampas. There are no tourists here and you have the opportunity to see the original Vietnam. With the free bikes or the scooter (5 € a day) you can easily explore the area on your own. The bungalows were very clean and inviting. The food was fresh every day and tasted delicious! The open nature and willingness to help of Martin and his employees inspired us. The boat tour seemed a bit expensive to start with but every euro was worth it. We can recommend Ricefield Lodge with a clear conscience!


Samuel from Sweeden

10/10 on Booking.com

In the heart of the Mekong Delta, Martin and his lovely employees built a little and relaxing paradise far away from any other tourists. More importantly, they developed a harmony between nature, animals and the local community that provides the peacefulenss and authenticity that travellers like us seek on their vacation. After having spent a few nights at the lodge, we couldn't feel more happy and refreshed. Make sure to eat at the lodge as the food is not only freshly prepared but also incredibly delicious. No meal was the same!

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