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    Deep in the Mekong Delta
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    Go shopping in a special way
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Can Tho

Nestled in the heart of Mekong, Can Tho is like a pearl among fertile alluvium. The capital of Mekong area – Can Tho is an ideal place for tourists to stop and explore the unique indigenous culture. Authentic local floating markets, orchards, sprawling fields, delicious dishes or daily life along the banks of Mekong river are calling visitors to discover. Whoever come here, it’s unwilling to leave.

Our Lodging

Coming to Mekong Delta Ricefield Lodge, you will be impressed with the main house and 2 bungalows built up symmetrically with leafy design and door and railing system made by natural bamboo. It’s a harmonious mixture of rustic and modern elements together as well as the sophisticated details to every corner. Being next to Vam Bi River - the river here still maintains the typical daily life features of Mekong Delta locals.


Come to enjoy your holiday in the paradise of Mekong Delta and experience the authentic nature of Mekong Delta


Welcome you to the countryside of Mekong Delta and immerse yourselves into a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere surrounded by amazingly refreshing landscape. Choosing Mekong Delta Ricefield Lodge to stay is the best way to experience authentic life in the Mekong Delta. 

Special Offer

Are you planning to visit Mekong Delta? We have the perfect special offer for your trip, ensuring an incredible holiday experience you won't forget. Book now to enjoy these extraordinary experiences and create unforgettable moments during your journey.

Discover 1000 trees
At Mekong Delta Ricefield Lodge, immerse yourself in the beauty of our Mekong Delta Ricefield Farm. Spread across 1.1 hectares, this enchanting farm showcases a variety of tropical fruits and plants. Enjoy the fresh air and fragrant scents as you take in the vibrant colors of the trees, grasses, and fruits. It's an experience that will truly connect you with nature.
High Speed Boat Tour
Start your day with our captivating "Catch the Sunrise" tour. Witness the breathtaking beauty of the Mekong Delta as the sun rises. Our high-speed boat will take you on a journey through the serene waters, providing a unique perspective of the river-side lifestyle. Prepare to be amazed by the authentic charm and picturesque scenery that awaits you.
Bicycling in the middle of nowhere
Discover the hidden gems of Mekong Delta by embarking on a cycling adventure. Pedal through small villages and experience the untouched beauty of the countryside. Unlike typical tourist routes, here you'll find yourself in the middle of nowhere, away from the crowds. Immerse yourself in the local culture, interact with friendly residents, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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